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  • Buy and Sell FAQ

    • I successfully submitted a listing, but can not see it on the site.

      All submissions have to be approved by our admins before they appear on the site. On weekdays we approve listings within 2-3 hours, on weekends and public holidays it might take a bit longer.

    • How can I edit my listing

      Unfortunately, it's currently not possible to edit a Buy&Sell listing.

    • How do I delete my listing ?

      Here is the link.

  • Directory FAQ

    • How can I update my venue listing?

      Venue listings are part of the editorial content and uploaded/edited directly by our Editors and Listings Managers. Users can not edit content directly. If you are associated with a venue and would like to report mistakes, or request changes, please use the "Report Mistakes" button in the related venue listing. Events and Promotions can be submitted by any user for any venue.

    • How can I add images to my venue listing?

      If you are associated with a venue and would like to add images to a venue listing, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

    • What should I do if my venue has moved to a new location?

      Easy, submit the new venue using the Submit Venues page! As a matter of policy, we don’t delete venues, we mark them closed and, if applicable, add a note directing our users to the venue listing of the new location.

    • Why is the map in the directory sometimes inaccurate?

      Simply put, GPS doesn’t work so well in China. China doesn’t use the same GPS standard as the rest of the world, which means that the marker on Google (and even Baidu maps) can be as much as 500 meters off. We do our best to manually pinpoint the locations by hand, but it’s a tricky business. You can read more about the topic if you’re interested here. Nerd. If you’d like to report a particularly bad GPS pin location, you can use the “Report Mistake” button on the venue listing, and we’ll do what we can to fix it!

  • Events FAQ

    • Why is my event not on SmartShanghai yet?

      Did you know we get between 50-60 event submissions a day? It’s a lot to go through. Listing events usually takes us 3-5 working days, so plan ahead. If you submit an event the day before an event, there is a strong chance your event will NOT get listed.

      Please remember that we do not list every event that gets submitted. You will receive a private message in your SmartShanghai Inbox once your listing has been published (or rejected). Please do not resubmit your event -- this will not expedite the process. If your event is far in the future, the approval process might take longer, as upcoming events for this and next week have priority. SmartShanghai advertisement clients also get priority approval.

      Thanks for your patience, and for taking the time to submit your events to SmartShanghai!

    • Why do some events not appear on the site?

      Every day we receive between 30-60 event submissions. We simply cannot list all of these, for several reasons. As a "curated" website, we believe that a smaller selection of higher quality events is better for our readers. We filter out poorly organized events, events that have no description, events that our readers probably will not be interested in, illegal events such as unlicensed public gatherings, and "events" that are really just a tool to sell something, such as set menus and classes. This will always be our policy.

      We will try to provide an explanation if we reject your event, but we do not always have time. Again, resubmitting your event will not help.

      Feel free to drop us a message on the Contact Us if you feel you’ve been rejected unfairly.

    • Why is the event description for my event as it appears on the webpage different from what I submitted?

      To maintain a consistent quality on the website, we rewrite the submitted promotional text on event submissions to fit our editorial format. We try to add a third party perspective to our events listings. We also tend to delete PR speak or hyperbolic language, unless it’s unintentionally hilarious. Stick to the facts and we’re less likely to dramatically rewrite your submission.

      You're running a house music night with you and your friends at a club? Great! Give us useful details. Preferably not in all caps. Include things like pricedoor policydress code (if any), who's playing/DJingany special performancesdealspromotions, etc. If you submit a five word description for a club night, we're liable to reject it, unless those words are "free booze and all Morrissey."

      If you're unhappy with the way your event appears on SmartShanghai, feel free to drop us a message on the Contact Us page.

  • Housing FAQ

    • Can I post my listing more than once?

      To avoid the housing section turning into a complete mess, we don't allow the same listing to be posted online at the same time. Please either refresh your post, or delete and repost it.

    • What are the housing agency account types?

      Housing agency accounts are divided into three categories:
      - Basic (up to 2 listings per week)
      - Premium (up to 20 listings per week)
      - Gold (up to 40 listings per week)
      For more details, please visit the agency account page.

      If you'd like to upgrade your membership to post more listings, please contact us, and we’ll process your request as soon as possible. Please check your registered email address during this period for our reply.

    • Why has my listing been deleted?

      There are several reasons why your listing might have been deleted. Some common ones are:

- Listing an apartment in the wrong category (ex. a shared apartment in “apartment for rent”)
      - An error in the pricing (ex. writing the shared price as the whole rent price)
      - Exaggerated language in the description (“best,” “fastest,” “most effective,” etc.) or unreasonably subjective descriptors in the title (ex. “nice view,” “must-see,” “rent very fast,” etc.)
      - Using outdated or inaccurate terminology, such as “French Concession.”
      - Writing in a language other than English
      - Not deleting an already rented property in time
      - We judged the listing was meant for purposes other than rental (such as promotion).
      - You are an agency
      - You post multiple listings with private accounts

      If you feel your listing shouldn't have been deleted, please feel free to Contact Us

    • How can I push my listing back to the top of the list?

      Here's how it works. Three days after your first submission, our system will automatically send a reminder to your registered email. This email contains links that allow you to either delete your listing (if the apartment has already been rented out) or push it back to the top of the list. There's no need to re-submit the information. By clicking the link, you are moving your existing listing back to the top position on the list. After you've pushed the listing back to the top of the list, you will receive two more emails within three days after each push. So, in total, private users can bump their listing a maximum of three times.

      Please note: Private accounts can only post one listing. If you bypass this rule by using multiple accounts, you risk getting all your accounts and listings blocked and removed from the site.

    • How can I edit my listing?

      You should see an Edit button on the listing. Please note that this button will disappear after the listing has been up on the website for 24 hours. This is to avoid misuse of our housing section. Please make sure all the information is correct when you submit your listing, and correct any mistakes within 24 hours of the listing going up.

    • How can I verify my account if I don’t have a Chinese phone number?

      Please contact us to verify your account. We should get back to you within 1-2 working days.

    • Why has the "edit" button on my listing disappeared?

      Listings can only be edited within 24 hours of submission on the site. This is to avoid misuse of our housing section. Please make sure all the information is correct when you submit your listing, and correct any mistakes within 24 hours of submission.

    • How do I delete my listing?

      You can see all your current listings n your userarea at Each listing has a delete button. Please note that you might not be able to re-post another listing right away, private user accounts are limited to one listing per month (and that doesn't get reset if you delete a listing).

  • Jobs FAQ

    • How do I publish a job listing?

      Sign into your SmartShanghai account and follow the instructions on this page.

    • Are job listings free?

      To maintain the quality of our listings and dissuade particularly aggressive recruiters, we charge a service fee for our job listings (380 rmb per listing). We currently don't offer any free job listings, sorry!

    • Are there discounts for buying multiple listings

      Yes. Buy 5 jobs listings credits (1,900 RMB) and get one free job listings credit (save 17%). Buy 10 job listings credits (3,800 RMB) and get 3 free job listings credits (save 23%). These options will be presented to you after you submit your job listing and select a payments option.

    • Can I edit my job listing?

      To maintain a consistent quality and format in our listings, all listings are uploaded by our editors. To request changes to your listing, please email our listings managers. Contact information will have been provided with the confirmation email for your job submission.

    • For how long will my job listing be visible?

      Your job listing will remain visible on the website for one month. If you wish to refresh your job listing and move it back to the top, you may purchase an additional job credit and apply it to your job.

      If you wish for your job listings to remain visible for longer without having to worry about renewing them manually, you may consider subscribing to our Company Job Listing packages (6/12 months) where all of your job listings will remain visible on the site for the duration of your Company listing.

    • How and when will I receive my invoice (fapiao)?

      If you chose the "Cash on Delivery" option, your fapiao will be delivered when our company courier arrives at your office to collect payment. If you chose the "Bank Transfer" option, please contact us at with the following information:

      1. Your job listing reference number
      2. The fapiao title
      3. Your delivery address
      4. Your contact name / phone number
      5. Your company tax number

      Our company couriers will deliver your fapiao directly to your office address within 3-5 business days of our finance team confirming receipt of payment.

      Note: some offices may be outside of our delivery zone. In these cases, our staff will send your fapiao via SF Express.

    • How long before my job listing appears on the site?

      About 1-2 working days after we receive the payment for your job listing.

    • Will my job credits expire?

      No, SmartShanghai job credits do not expire if you haven't use it. 

    • What kind of invoice (fapiao) can you issue?

      We can issue: a) personal fapiao, b) standard fapiao with your company’s name, or c) VAT business fapiao. For VAT fapiao, our finance team will need the following details:
      1) your registered company name

      2) company registration number

      3) name & number of company bank account

      4) company address & phone number

    • What is a Push Credit?

      With each Company Job Listing subscription (6/12 months), you will be able to refresh your job listings and push them back to the top of the list five times a month. The past month is calculated based on the past 30 days, and does thus not reset on the first calendar day of each month.

    • Can I post a job without showing my company name?

      Yes, it's possible to post your job without displaying your company name to the public. However, you must reveal your company name to SmartShanghai when submitting your job listing to us. We won't share this information with anyone.

    • I got a "sponsored company highlight" with my job credit bundle. What is it?

      It's a little bonus exposure for your job listing! When you purchase a 5 or 10 job credit bundle, your job listing will appear in the "Featured Companies" box at the top of the Jobs page.
      It's not a separate listing, and you don't need to submit any extra info for it, just purchase the one year job listing package and it'll automatically get your company featured. The "Featured Company" highlight last until your contract finishs.

  • Sales & Biz Dev FAQ

    • Can I pitch an article about my product on this website?

      Firstly, thanks for your interest. However, SmartShanghai does not accept solicitation for content, paid or otherwise. All of our editorial content is conceived of by our editorial team who live in and critique this city, for our readers who do the same. Generally speaking, articles are selected by our editors from the pool of venue and event submissions, and all coverage is independent of paid advertisement.

      We do, however, love hearing from people who are up to new and exciting things in this city. If you'd like to get in touch with our editorial team, please feel free to use the Contact Us page.

    • Can I cooperate with you to promote my event?

      Firstly, thanks for the offer! However, SmartShanghai does not directly work with events promoters and agencies on organization, marketing, logistics, or anything involved with planning and hosting events. We simply report on events and happenings around town without becoming directly involved ourselves.

      We would, however, love to hear what you've got planned. Please submit your event to us on our Event Submissions page, and if it meets our criteria we will publish it on our event listings calendar and possible be in touch about featuring it in the editorial section of the website.

    • Who can I speak to about buying ads on the site?

      We’ve got a whole page for you! Check out the Advertise with Us section if you're interested in learning more.

  • SmartTicket FAQ

    • How can I reach the SmartTicket team?

      If you have any enquiries or questions about ticket purchases, you can contact the SmartTicket team through the SmartTicket Support page.

  • SmSh Android App FAQ

    • My app tells me I need to download the directory. How do I do that?

      The Android app automatically updates the venue directory regularly, however, sometimes you might search for a venue that hasn't been updated yet. If this happens, hit the SmartShanghai logo in the top left, and select Load Updated Directory to manually start the update.

    • Does SmartShanghai have an app for Android phones?

      Boy do we! You can find the links to the Google Play store and a download link right here.

  • SmSh iPhone App FAQ

    • Does SmartShanghai have an app for iPhones?

      Boy do we! You can search for it on the iOS store by typing in "SmartShanghai."

    • My app tells me I need to download the directory. How do I do that?

      The iPhone app automatically updates the venue directory regularly, however, you might sometimes search for a venue that hasn't been updated yet. If this happens, hit the SmartShanghai logo in the top left, and select Load Updated Directory to manually start the update.

  • User Accounts FAQ

    • My account got blocked. What can I do?

      SmartShanghai blocks accounts of users that violate our policies. The most common reasons why accounts get blocked are, for example, if a user:

      - Has 2 (or more) accounts for posting on SmartShanghai housing

      - Has posted a commercial listing (housing, buy&sell, etc) with a private account

      - Has sent offensive messages to other SmartShanghai members

      Has used SmartShanghai's private message system to send out commercial messages

      - Has sent out many identical private messages to SmartShanghai members

      If you believe your account has been blocked by mistake, please get in touch with us here via the Contact Us page, and we'll look into it.

    • How can I change my username?

      Unfortunately usernames can't be changed. Sorry dongmeister69.

    • I forgot the login for the user account for my restaurant/bar, how can I recover it?

      SmartShanghai does not have user accounts associated with venue listings, so your bar/restaurant user account doesn’t give you any special privileges. any user can report mistakes to us through the "Report Mistakes" button in the venue listing, and any user can submit events for any venue (all listings have to be approved and validated by our editors).

      To recover your password, please follow the instructions here, or, worst case scenario, drop us a line via the Contact Us page, and we'll look into it.

    • How do I delete my account?

      To delete your account, click on Settings in the top-right corner of the page (while signed in) and then find the Delete Account button on the right side, on the same line as Profile Settings. This will take you to a page where you can permanently delete your account. Be aware that once it’s deleted, an account cannot be recovered. It’s gone forever!

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